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Here is your prompt: You went to your cousin’s birthday party Saturday night. The party was held at his rented house. The live music was loud, the food was outstanding (and catered!), and everyone you know was there. Overall, the party was a real blast; in fact, the police were called to quiet the party down. Task: As a group, your objective is to write 3 letters for 3 different audiences based on what we discussed today, all telling (about. ..) the same story. Write a short letter to the following people: your parents, the owner of the house where the party took place, and your best friend who wasn't in town. Simply tell them about the party. (Hint: The requirement is talk about the party, but you
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Unformatted text preview: can be creative with the purpose.) Try to be specific and use details to make your letter live. Please work together on this task. The first letter might take longer to write, but once your group identifies what to say about the party, it will get rolling. Your letters can start with “dear…” and disregard the address part. When your group is done, please copy and paste each letter to moodle. 1) Make sure it is pasted into the correct category. 2) Make sure the name of all your group members are listed somewhere (so that Jiin can give everyone the credit for doing it). Adapted from Yap, 2011...
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