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Challenges As a subordinate school of University of Illinois, LER’s main challenge is to maximize its marketing and management effort under overall regulation and relatively limited budget. Considering these latent challenges, several problems should be paid attention before the application of recommendations and solutions we concluded as above. First, promotion and advertising practice should be undertaken within budget, or more sponsorship is required to cover extra marketing cost. Second, traditional organization model probably affects LER’s inner development in the
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Unformatted text preview: long run. Although communication and information sharing has always been regarded as the key to LERs organizational culture, scholars of different specialization seem to have few platform to share their research progress and findings, as well as teaching experiences. It may argue that differentiation of course modules helps to guard professors own disciplinary prerogatives, but it can also be a gap for substantive collaboration in research and teaching. Third, to establish the Global Context of Higher Education...
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