Challenges - Challenges Upon the implementation of our new...

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Challenges Upon the implementation of our new HR strategy we foresee a couple possible challenges. One of the main challenges is that there could be possible pushback from the employees once all of the policies are administered since they are not used to having strict policies in place. In order to overcome this possible challenge, the HR Director will definitely need buy in from the CEO and top leadership, as well as an understanding that the policies need to be closely followed. Another possible challenge lies in the focus on better developmental opportunities. This suggestion relies on the fact that new locations will soon be opened. However, if another location is not opened then there still might be limited advancement opportunities for employees. One possible solution to overcome this is to try to create some cross functional training opportunities for employees so they are able to receive more challenging assignments and opportunities. After such training, employees who perform well might be given extra opportunities with an associated compensation increase which could take the place of an actual promotion. As HR consultants for Broadway we hope the company takes our proposal into consideration and makes the necessary changes to continue to be successful as they grow and to maintain their competitive advantage. Challenges Hudson should consider the limitations and side effects of each solution before it takes real actions. Firstly, reducing salary and benefits of the employees has some disadvantages with its short term perspective and negative impact on Hudson’s image. Even though pay cuts may reduce the labor cost now, Hudson will need another solution if the financial situation becomes worse. Also, its competitive compensation and benefits have been one of the main strategies for Hudson to be
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Challenges - Challenges Upon the implementation of our new...

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