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Final_conference_sign_up - April 21(Thurs 4:00-4:15pm...

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Individual conference sign-up The purpose of this conference is for me to discuss your literature review with you and for you to ask questions for your final RP. Please make sure you show up a few minutes early for your conference, which will be held in FLB 3050 (my office). If you don’t show up during time you have signed up, you will be receive an unexcused absence for your class attendance.
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Unformatted text preview: April 21 (Thurs) 4:00-4:15pm Sihang 4:15-4:30pm Wenjun 4:30-4:45pm Qingzhou 6:30-6:45pm Jiazhang 6:45-7:00pm Michael April 22 (Fri) 11:15-11:30am Chen 11:30am-12:00pm Gulen 12:00-12:15pm Kim 12:15-12:30pm Natawat 12:30-12:45pm Yanbo April 26 (Tues) 3:30-3:45pm Farzaneh 3:45-4:00pm Ning 4:00-4:15pm 4:15-4:30pm Lechao 4:30-4:45pm Neriman 6:30-6:45pm Behrouz 6:45-7:00pm Evelia...
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