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Flow_Unity_exercise - Unity Practice Exercise 1 Read the...

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Unity Practice Exercise 1 Read the following paragraphs. The topic sentence of each paragraph has been underlined for you. With a partner, identify any sentences that are not in unity with the topic sentence. 1. (a) Much of the violence we see in the world today may be caused by the emphasis on violence in the media. (b) More often than not, the front page of the local newspaper contains stories involving violence. (c) In fact, one recent issue of my local newspaper contained seven references to violent acts. (d) There is also violence in public school systems. (e) Television reporters frequently hasten to crime and accident scenes and film every grim, violent detail. (f) The other day, there was a drive-by shooting downtown. (g) If the media were a little more careful about the ways in which they glamorize violence, there might be less violence in the world today and children would be less influenced by it. 2. (a) Today many options and services for the elderly are available that did not exist years ago.
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