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Literature Review Assignment This 2-3 page literature review will cover the existing literature on your topic. Once you have your topic, you will search for related literature (4-6 sources, include at least 2 scholarly article) online in the library to determine what other scholars have thought and contributed to solving the same (or related) problem. The lit review essay will, essentially, summarize and critique your source papers while funneling to your thesis. Your lit review will form at least one fourth of your research paper. START DRAFTING YOUR FINAL PAPER NOW! We will transition directly from the lit review to the final paper, so use this time to work on both simultaneously. They should be coherent as one piece of work. For this paper, you are welcome to use any style of citation for in-text citations and reference
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Unformatted text preview: list though APA citation is recommended. Note: Please be consistent throughout the paper whichever citation style you decide to use. Reminders: 1. Include in-text citations AND a reference list of ALL the articles cited in-text at the end of your paper to avoid plagiarism. Make sure the format is correct, otherwise it is unintentional plagiarism! 2. Don’t forget to attach the completed peer-review form and revision reflection to the end of your Lit review final draft on the day it is due. Failure to do so will result in points deducted. 3. Please upload your diagnostic essay final draft to BOTH moodle and your dropbox folder before April 17 (Sun) 11:59pm. Title the document: FirstLastName_Lit Review_Final...
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