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Thought-provoking Quiz on Plagiarism Remember: Plagiarism is a serious offense that involves the use of someone else’s work without properly acknowledging the original source. I. True or False? a. Plagiarism involves copying someone else’s words, ideas, or organization without proper citation. b. Common knowledge—information that your reader probably knows or that is easily located in a number of general references—needs to be cited in a paper because it is not your own idea. c. Plagiarism that is unintentional (i.e., you didn’t know that you were doing it) is less serious than intentional plagiarism. d. Submitting the same paper that you write for another class is a form of plagiarism. e. Committing plagiarism is grounds for failing the course and dismissal from the University of Illinois. f. There is such a thing as “over-citing”, and if you’re not sure, it is generally advisable NOT to cite. II.
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Plagiarism_Quiz_swyers - Thought-provoking Quiz on...

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