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Reflective Essay #1: My Writing Process As we saw in class today, everyone has different ways of writing essays. Write a short essay (about 1-2 pages long, double-spaced, Time New Roman font-12 pt.) about your own writing process when you have to write an academic essay. Be honest in your essay, don’t make up anything! Things you might want to discuss include: What kind of papers have you written? What steps do you go through? Do these steps change with each assignment? Why? Which step is hardest for you? Looking at your process, how well do you think it works? Would you change anything, if you could? Note that the FOCUS should be on
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Unformatted text preview: your writing process , not something else. Don’t spend more than an hour or so writing this essay – it will not be given a letter grade (credit only), and your grammar will not be evaluated. Due date: Upload your reflection to your Dropbox folder by Jan. 31 noon (12 pm) Name your file: First & last name_Reflection1_Writing process Please use the exact file name I provided here. If I cannot find your file in your dropbox folder, you will not be given any credit. Please follow the assignment format I showed you in class, e.g. name, course, date, assignment on the top left corner....
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