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Reflective Essay #3 Reflect As our semester ends, think back to the first day of class and your diagnostic exam. You were provided with different techniques and materials related to writing since then and might have changed as a writer because of that. Take a moment to reflect on these changes. Write a short essay (about 1.5-2 pages long, double-spaced) about your experience as a writer this semester. Be specific and provide examples to support your points in your writing. Things you might want to discuss include: Did you change as writer during this semester? How have you improved in your writing? Did you learn something new that you did not know before?
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Unformatted text preview: • Did you change your way of doing things because of this class? • Do you think your writing stayed the same? Explain in details. • Is there something you really wanted to learn but didn't? • Do you have any suggestions as to how this course can be better improved for future students? Or any suggestions related to the instructor’s teaching? Don’t spend more than an hour or so writing this essay – it will not be given a letter grade (credit only), and your grammar will not be evaluated. Upload your reflection to your Dropbox folder by April 29 (Fri) 11:59pm. Name your file: First&Last_Reflection3...
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