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ESL 501, Spring 2011 Research Paper Assignment Write an Argumentative or Problem-Solution research paper on the topic of your choice, for which you wrote on your Literature Review. Bear in mind that this is the culminating writing assignment for the course. This means that you will have to apply ALL the skills we have studied, from the Argumentative Essay, to Summary Critique, to the Literature Review which will be part of the RP. Make sure to properly summarize, paraphrase, and quote the sources. No matter how you use them, ALWAYS remember to CITE the sources in-text and in your reference list at the end of the paper , according to the citation style of your choice. Note: Please be consistent throughout the paper whichever citation style you decide to use. Your Research Paper should be 7-10 pages long, with a Literature Review of 2-3 pages, and based on 4-6 sources. (You may use more than 6 sources if you wish, but not fewer than 4; include at least 2 scholarly articles). Format the Research Paper according to the citation style of
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