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ESL 501 Types of literature review Task: Read the following short samples of literature reviews and identify the differences. Sample A CHILDREN’S QUESTIONS IN MATHEMATICS In mathematics education, the focus seems to have been almost entirely on teachers’ questions (see, for example Cemen, 1989; Sullivan & Clark, 1991; Wigley, 1992). Relatively few references to children’s questions appear in the literature, however, and none seems to be based on research. Mathematics educators who believe that children’s questions should have a place in their education include Baker and Baker (1990), Biggs and MacLean (1969), Bobis (1991) Chambers, Cunningham- Craig and Hammond (1987), Griffiths (1988) and Whitin (1989). The idea expressed in Mathematics in the New Zealand Curriculum (Ministry of Education, 1992, p.24) that “Within a range of meaningful contexts students should be able to pose questions for mathematical exploration” is not research-based either. Indeed, research into children’s questions in mathematics seems to be almost non-existent. Little
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