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Rule Synthesis Exercise SOCIAL HOST LIABILITY Your client, who lives in the state of Orion, is planning to host a large party at her home. She wants to serve liquor but is concerned about her liability if one of her guests becomes intoxicated and causes injury to a third person. She would like to know Orion’s rule on social host liability. You find the following recent cases decided by the highest court of Orion. Synthesize a rule from the cases. Case 1: Driver arrives at host’s party visibly intoxicated. Upon arrival, driver asks for a beer. Host say’s “no, you’ve had too much already.” Driver stays at host’s party for two hours but has nothing to drink. Host observes driver leave party visibly intoxicated, get into his car, and begin to drive away. Driver injures pedestrian as he pulls out of driveway. Held: Host not liable. Case 2: Driver arrives at host’s party sober. Driver stays for three hours. Host provides food and liquor. During the party, host observes driver visibly intoxicated. Driver asks for
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