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Samples of Source Synthesis Text A Much of the literature agrees that capital punishment cannot stop crime. According to Judy Pennington in an interview with Helen Prejean, crime rates in New Orleans went up in the eight weeks following executions. Jimmy Dunne notes that crime rates often go up in the first two or three months following an execution. “Death and the American” argues that America’s crime rate s a whole has increased drastically since the re-instatement of the death penalty in the 1960s. This article also notes that 700 crimes are committed for every 100, 000 Americans. Steven Hawkins points out that a survey found that police chiefs believe the death penalty to be “the least effective way of reducing crime.” Meanwhile, Thurgood Marshall and Donald Cabana notes that capital punishment not only failed to stop crime but may have increase it. Text B The literature on capital punishment suggests that it fails to stop crime effectively in two key ways. First, much of the literature suggests that capital punishment does not lower
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