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Source 1 ) Why Rich People Really Aren't Happier By Dayana Yochim (2009) In so many areas, we know when enough is enough. When we're healthy, we don't strive for extreme health. After a good meal, we're sated -- we don't order another filet mignon to augment our satisfaction.Yet our "pause" button shorts out when it comes to money. We get a raise, spend it, adapt to our improved circumstances, and seek more money, working up a sweat on what University of Southern California economist Richard Easterlin calls the hedonic treadmill.But somehow the happy-o-meter stays in the same place, or even slows down. Consider that the average American is less satisfied with life today than we were in the 1950s -- yet we earn twice as much (and, yes, that's adjusted for inflation). No wonder they never crown a winner of the rat race. Absent total emotion recall and the ability to recognize when we've hit our happy set point, what will make us happy? How's $50,000 a year sound? That's the contentment calculation from a Roper/ASW survey a few years ago.It's enough to cover the bills and have some fun money left over too.After that, each incremental move up the pay scale has less long-term emotional impact. A 20% raise won't make you 20% happier. And, in fact, chasing that extra 10 grand might just make you miserable.
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Synthesis_Sources_for_Grid_Practice - Source 1 )Why Rich...

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