Thesis_HO_Tschopp - The Four Commandments (of effective...

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The Four Commandments (of effective thesis statements) I. Thou shall choose sides! “He who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” – Alexander Hamilton Your thesis statement should contain an assertion – your position or opinion – on the topic. No: There are both advantages and disadvantages to having technology in college classrooms. Yes: Computers in college classrooms are necessary because they engage student interest and present important information in memorable ways. II. Thou shall be specific! Your readers are taking the time to read your paper – so tell them exactly what it’s about! If they have specific information, then they’re more likely to continue reading your paper. Avoid using words that are vague or too general, like nice, good, interesting, boring, bad, exciting , etc. No: Technology is necessary for learning. Yes: Computers in grade school classrooms help develop problem-solving skills in children with learning disabilities. No: College professors who use computers have
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Thesis_HO_Tschopp - The Four Commandments (of effective...

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