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Avoiding Wordy Sentences: Empty and Inflated Phrases The following sentences are full of inflated or empty words and phrases. Edit them to make them more concise. Try to do it on your own first, but consult p. 123-125 of Rules for Writers if you need help. 1. I think that technology is essential in today’s college classroom. 2. In spite of the fact that many classrooms have them, computers are not necessary for learning. 3. At the present time, the effects of global warming can be felt in all areas of the world. 4. Global warming is not as dangerous as some scientists claim, and I will prove this in the following ways. 5. English is a difficult language for many to learn due to the fact that it consists of many varieties. 6. In my opinion, students have the ability to increase their grade point average if they complete
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Unformatted text preview: all assignments. 7. Until such time as scientists can prove that life on other planets does not exist, many people will continue to believe in aliens. 8. It seems that many scientists believe dinosaurs went extinct by virtue of the fact that a large meteor struck the earth. 9. One must admit that at this point in time many crimes have occurred around campus and people who are out late at night must be vigilant at all times. 10. In the final analysis, in the event that another large hurricane struck New Orleans at the present time, I think that the city would not have the ability to recover. Created by J. Tschopp for ESL 501...
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