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interview - said that he prefers one-on-one interviews over...

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Matt Wharton, Matt CMN 100 Waldron Today, I sat down with the Director of Human Resources at Strength Training, Inc., Chester Petrosky. I interviewed Mr. Petrosky on the art of interviewing. I first asked Mr. Petrosky about the verbal communication of an interview. The question he starts interviews off with is something along the lines of, “Tell me about yourself”. He said he uses this question first “because it is an easy question. Most people don’t have a very hard time describing themselves.” This type of question gives an interviewer a good idea of the type of personality the applicant might have. Chester said that a “good personality is very important because our company is looking for motivated, smart, team players who really want to get the job done. If this person doesn’t have those attributes, then I will think twice about considering them for employment.” Mr. Petrosky
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Unformatted text preview: said that he prefers one-on-one interviews over group interviews because they are less intimidating for the candidate. I then asked Chester if he ever asks hypothetical questions, and he said, “Hypotheticals can really give me a good idea of how competent this person is for the job.” Finally, Chester said that a good answer is one that is simple and direct. Finally, I asked Chester about non-verbal communication. Chester believes that first impressions are very important because “You only get one.” He also said that a candidate should show up for an interview well-dressed, well-groomed, and excited. When I asked him about composure during the interview, he said, “It reveals personality. If the person is fidgeting around and not looking me in the eye, I’m not going to take him seriously.”...
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