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1 Chapter 9--Physical Disorders and Health Psychology Key 1. At the beginning of the 20 th century, the leading cause of death in the U.S. was: A. automobile accidents B. C. heart attacks infectious diseases D. suicides 2. According to the text, some of the major contributing factors to illness and death in the United States are currently: A. viral and bacterial B. C. neurological and endocrinological behavioral and psychological D. pharmacological and hormonal 3. In regard to infection by the herpes simplex virus I or II (which causes genital herpes), which of the following statements is incorrect? A. More than 50 million Americans have been infected by this virus. B. C. Psychological and behavioral factors have contributed to the increased number of cases of genital herpes. The increase in the number of cases of genital herpes is due solely to biological factors. D. According to research studies, stress plays a role in triggering recurrences of genital herpes. 4. Using the word psychosomatic to describe a disorder with an obvious physical component is considered misleading because: A. B. it assumes that the physical aspects of a disorder are less important than the psychological aspects it gives the impression that psychological disorders like anxiety or depression do not have a biological component C. it emphasizes the psychological symptoms of a disorder instead of the physical symptoms D. it gives the impression that biological disorders are not influenced by psychological factors 5. Research suggests that stress reduction: A. cures genital herpes B. is unrelated to genital herpes outbreaks C. D. increases genital herpes symptoms reduces outbreaks in a significant number of people
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2 6. What is the name of the new field of study that reflects the shift in focus from infectious disease to psychological/behavioral factors as causes of illness and death? A. 7. Health psychology, a subfield of behavioral medicine, focuses on all of the following EXCEPT: A. psychological factors affecting health behavioral medicine B. abnormal psychology C. medical psychology D. physical medicine B. health policy C. health care systems D. psychosomatic effects on health 8. In which of the following ways do psychological and social factors influence health? A. They can affect basic biological processes resulting in illness and disease. B. Unhealthy lifestyles can increase the risk of developing physical disorders. C. D. neither of these both of these 9. “AIDS, a disease of the immune system, is directly affected by stress. Stress may then promote the deadly progression of the disease.“ These two statements are an example of: A. D. neither of these psychological factors influencing biological processes B. biological factors influencing psychological processes C. both of these 10. According to the principles of health psychology, which of the following is the best protection against acquiring AIDS? A.
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Chapter_9--Physical_Disorde_ - Chapter 9-Physical Disorders...

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