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Reagan project

Reagan project - 1 Describe your speech topic What kind of...

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1. Describe your speech topic. What kind of informative speech is this? I chose to give an informative speech about President Ronald Reagan’s policies that ended the Cold War. The intended audience is students who are already informed on President Reagan’s accomplishments in the White House, but would like a more in-depth explanation of some of his policies – in particular, those that helped end the Cold War. 2. Explain WHY it is a good informative speech topic, using concepts from the text. Cite the pages in your textbook that helped you answer this question. This is a good topic because, as a political science major, I am interested in Ronald Reagan’s policies, and I am motivated to learn more specifically about the policies that helped end the Cold War. The text, specifically page 287, helped me answer this question. 3. Comment on the challenges you face in using this topic. For example, will you have to simplify the information or find ways to make it more interesting? Will you have credibility as a speaker on this topic?
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