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SyllabusSpring2011 - Sociology 1010 Principles of Sociology...

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Sociology 1010: Principles of Sociology Spring 2011 Dwight Haase, Ph.D. 2640-C University Hall 419-530-5574 [email protected] Office Hours : Monday through Thursday, 11:00am-Noon; Friday 10:00-11:00am. Course Description This course intends to help students become more knowledgeable and aware of social phenomena. We will take a novel approach to this goal, looking at a series of social trends to divine their underlying causes and implications. Along the way, we will become familiar with the major concepts and theories of sociology. Meanwhile, the readings and in-class discussions will help us to hone our analytical skills and refine our abilities to communicate our ideas. Readings There is no textbook for this course. Readings will be posted online. Just go to MyUT, My Courses, click on the link for this course; and click on Files. The bibliography at the end of this syllabus lists the sources for those readings. However, it is subject to change. Grading Final grades for the course will be assessed using this scale: A 94-100% A- 90-93% B+ 87-89% B 83-86% B- 80-82% C+ 77-79% C 73-76% C- 70-72% D+ 67-69% D 63-66% D- 60-62% F 0-59% Course Requirements The grade for this course is based on five exams, each worth 20% of your final grade. Each exam will include a mix of multiple choice, short answer and short essay questions. Policies Special Accommodations Please inform me if you have needs that may require special accommodations. Also, feel free to discuss with me any personal issues that may affect how well you do in the course. I will try my best to come up with a way in which you can get the most out of this course. Re-grading If you feel you received an unfair grade, you can send an email or visit me during office hours. Explain why you deserve a better (or worse) grade. Please do so within one week of receiving that grade. Academic Misconduct If someone is caught cheating, he/she will fail the course and the incident will be reported to the Chair of the Sociology and Anthropology Department and the Dean of the College.
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Course Schedule 1 Here is a daily schedule of the course. The column to the far right shows what you should read for that day. The middle column shows which lesson is planned for that day, which is pertinent to the readings. Those lessons are explained in the next section. Week 1 Read… Monday, 1/10 Introduction Wednesday, 1/12 Lesson 1 Nugent Week 2 Wednesday, 1/19 Lesson 2 Diamond (1992), pp. 180-191 Week 3 Monday, 1/24 Lesson 3 Palfrey and Gasser, pp. 17-38 Wednesday, 1/27 Lesson 4 Anderson, pp. 61-77 Week 4 Monday, 1/31 Exam #1 Wednesday, 2/2 Lesson 5 Guins, pp. 57-87 Week 5 Monday, 2/7 Lesson 6 Hochschild, pp. 35-52 Wednesday, 2/9 Lesson 7 Lewin, pp. 448-455 Week 6 Monday, 2/14 Lesson 8 Bowen et al ., pp. 1-10, 20-31 Wednesday, 2/16 Lesson 9 Wright and Rogers, pp. 205-232 Week 7 Monday, 2/21 Exam #2 Wednesday, 2/23 Lesson 10 Riech, pp. 131-167 Week 8 Monday, 2/28 Lesson 11 Bellah, pp. 168-186 Wednesday, 3/2 Lesson 12 Wilson, pp. 62-94 Week 9: Spring Break Week 10 Monday, 3/14 Lesson 13 Hellman, pp. 23-33, 87-91, 145-166 Wednesday, 3/16 Lesson 14 Wright and Rogers, pp. 124-152 Week 11 Monday, 3/21 Exam #3 Wednesday, 3/23 Lesson 15 Ruppel Shell, 149-162
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SyllabusSpring2011 - Sociology 1010 Principles of Sociology...

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