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Excel Template 6_8B - 6-8 Traditional Costing: Unit Total...

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Unformatted text preview: 6-8 Traditional Costing: Unit Total OH Batch + Product + Facility Total OH = + / Total = OH x Weight Cost Rate of Cost Driver Driver $- / = #DIV/0! x # Units OH Allocated = #DIV/0! / = #DIV/0! / OH/ Unit Direct Cost = ### + Total Cost Price = 120% Cost = #DIV/0! #DIV/0! ABC: OH Cost Cost Driver Allocation Rate Unit $/ Batch $/ = #DIV/0! x = #DIV/0! x Weight of Cost Driver OH Allocated #DIV/0! + #DIV/0! Product $- Facility $/ = #DIV/0! x x + $- + #DIV/0! = - = ### + $- = #DIV/0! #DIV/0! Undercosting #DIV/0! Rigsby Sporting Goods, Inc., produces indoor treadmills. The company allocates its overhead co and cost drivers associated with the four overhead activity cost pools follow: Producing 5,000 units of PFT200, one of the company's five products, took 4,000 labor hours, 25 product-sustaining activities. Required a. Had the company used labor hours as a companywide allocation base, how much overhead w PFT200? b. How much overhead is allocated to the 5,000 PFT200 units using activity-based costing? c. Compute the overhead cost per unit for PFT200 using activity-based costing and direct labor h product costs are $120 and PFT200 is priced at 20 percent above cost (rounded to the nearest w price under each allocation system. d. Assuming that activity-based costing provides a more accurate estimate of cost, indicate whet Rigsby uses direct labor hours as the allocation base. Explain how over- or undercosting can affe e. Comment on the validity of using the allocated facility-level costs in the pricing decision. Shoul pricing decision? If so, which ones? What costs would you include if you were trying to decide wh ...
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Excel Template 6_8B - 6-8 Traditional Costing: Unit Total...

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