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Syllabus_BUAD2050_Fall11-00C1 - Accounting for Business...

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BUAD 2050 1 Accounting for Business Decisions - Fall 2011 SYLLABUS for BUAD 2050-001 Instructor: Dr. Amal A. Said Class Hours: MW 11:00-12:15 PM (ST - North 1140) Office: ST - South 3047 Office Hours: M 12:30 - 3:30 PM Voice: (419) 530-2197 W 3:00 - 5:00 PM Email: [email protected] & By Appointment Course Description Accounting is the language of business and an essential tool in making sound business decisions. This course and BUAD 2040 (Financial Accounting Information) comprise the accounting information portion of the lower division business core. BUAD 2050 is intended for the general business major who has no prior knowledge of managerial accounting. Course Objectives BUAD 2050 focuses on the understanding and integration of accounting information in business decisions. The emphasis in this course is on the analysis and application of managerial accounting information. The objectives of BUAD 2050 are to develop an understanding of: (1) Importance, uses and types of information provided by managerial accounting. (2) Analysis of cost behavior, break-even and profitability analysis. (3) Cost accumulation, allocation, systems and management. (4) Relevant accounting information crucial for business decisions. (5) Elements of accounting for management planning, budgeting, control, and performance evaluation. Course Prerequisite To enroll in this class you must have completed BUAD 2040. Course Material Required: Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts, Sixth Edition, Edmonds, Tsay and Olds (McGraw Hill Irwin, 2011) and access code for Connect . Access to computer and internet to use: a. Connect ( http://connect.mcgraw-hill.com/class/said-fall2011-buad2050-001 ). b. Blackboard http://www.utoledo.edu/dl/ c. Online Learning Center http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0078110890/student_view0/index.html Aurora HC101X or HC101B calculator (required by Accounting department for exams).
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BUAD 2050 2 Recommended: Study Guide for use with Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts by Philip Olds. Wall Street Journal ( http://online.wsj.com/home/us ) and handouts. Accounting Lab The Department of Accounting provides an accounting lab located at 3042 Stranahan Hall. The lab is available to introductory accounting students who need assistance with concepts or homework. I will announce the lab hours after the start of the semester. Make use of this free resource! Preparation for Class The lecture and class discussions are important parts of the instructional program. Therefore, it is crucial that you be present and on time. To receive the most benefit from the class, you should read the chapter and download the lecture notes from Blackboard prior to class discussion. The resources available on Connect and the Online Learning Center are very beneficial ( http://highered.mcgraw- hill.com/sites/0078110890/student_view0/index.html ). In addition to reading the book, I recommend using the following resources for each chapter: - Self-Study Review Problem
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Syllabus_BUAD2050_Fall11-00C1 - Accounting for Business...

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