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Reagan speech - outline

Reagan speech - outline - Wharton 1 Outline Intro Ronald...

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Wharton 1 Outline I. Intro: Ronald Reagan was the 40 th President of the United States. His victory over Walter Mondale in 1984 was the most resounding victory in US history with 525 electoral votes to Mondale’s 13. He was one of the most loved Presidents in American history, and his legacy must continue to be told in order for future generations to know his impact. There were several of Reagan’s policies that had an impact on ending the Cold War. a. Thesis: In order to bring down the Soviet Union and end the Cold War for good, Reagan came up with the Reagan Doctrine, built up our military, and used his quick wit and humor to demean the USSR’s communist ideals. II. Topic Sentence: Our generation is losing sight of Reagan’s impression on the Cold War, and one of his most influential policies was the Reagan Doctrine. a. Point 1: The Reagan Doctrine was a policy that gave military and material aid to countries that showed resistance against the USSR and the tyrannies they sponsored. Countries like Afghanistan, Cambodia, Angola, and Nicaragua were helped by the United States; the Vatican and AFL-CIO’s international wing were also enlisted in the Doctrine to keep the Polish trade union intact.
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