BP - Bernard Wen Sept. 23, 2010 BP: A False Faade As one of...

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Bernard Wen Sept. 23, 2010 BP: A False Façade As “one of the world’s largest energy companies,” (“Who We Are”) BP is constantly under public scrutiny, so it is easy for the company to advertize a false façade of social responsibility. Its homepage is inundated with links to and pictures of BP’s response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, giving the unwary viewer some amount of comfort in knowing that BP seems to be holding itself responsible for the spill. However, upon further consideration, there seems to be a superficiality to such blatant attempts to assuage the public. Yes, addressing relief efforts for the aftermath of the oil spill should be the company’s main priority, but if BP is to be proactive in its responsibilities, it should also display a renewed devotion to assure future safety in its operations. Seeing to the fact that BP “has one of the worst safety track records of any major oil company operating in the United States,” ( Thomas, Jones, Cloherty, Ryan) the company cannot claim to be social responsible if it does not attempt to fix itself, even if it does bear the immediate consequences of its operational failures. In a speech given by Greg Coleman, the vice-president of BP’s Health, Safety, Security, and Environment group, he states that “environmental responsibility was about preventing spills and accidents…and of course it still is - in part.” Coleman is obviously trying to stress that BP is environmentally responsible holistically, and not just in the matter of oil spills. Nevertheless, he makes a reader feel uneasy by essentially saying BP is not as worried about oil spills now that it has “bigger” issues at hand, such as climate change. Juggling several environment responsibilities at once requires the same amount of focus on each individual issue, so BP’s
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BP - Bernard Wen Sept. 23, 2010 BP: A False Faade As one of...

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