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Self and Soul UGS 303, Spring 2011 BLOG Self-Assessment For extra credit, submit this at or before the final exam, May 14. Assessments will be rated on their clarity and cogency. Any assessment earns one point; superb answers earn up to five. Name_____________________ 1. Please cut and paste your first blog comment for the course; then, below that, paste one of your more recent comments. Type in the dates for both comments.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Now compare the two for clarity. Which is better? Why? 3. After that, compare the quality of your arguments. Which comment was better? Refer to either or both of the following, as appropriate: a. Most prompts contained errors in reasoning or depended on an unstated (and therefore undefended) premises. Did you identify the error or unstated premise? b. Did you give effective reasons for your views?...
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