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Silver O. Asuwata Dr. John Hersey Philosophy 220 April 29, 2011 Evaluation of the Morality of Thoughts, Words and Deeds in the movie 'John Q' Movie Description John Q is a 2002 movie starring Denzel Washington. The beginning of the movie shows a young lady driving free spiritedly down a mountain highway. A truck obstructs her movement, and as she tries to overtake it, another truck hits her from behind which causes her to spin and stop in front of the first truck which hits her and causes her to die. John Q stands for John Quincy Archibald. He was a factory worker who lived with his wife, Denise and only child, Michael ‘Mike’ Archibald. They were not the wealthiest of people but were still a happy family despite their shortcomings. Denise had her car repossessed because John had not completed the payments on the car. One day John and Denise were at Mike’s baseball game. Mike batted the ball and started running towards the second base when he grabbed his chest and collapsed on the floor. He was immediately rushed to the hospital. Mike was tested and the results showed that he had an enlarged heart which was going to require a transplant. The cost of a transplant was $250,000 but John and Denise had to pay $75,000 as a down-payment to get Mike’s name on the list of recipients for a heart transplant. John’s company changed his health insurance from a PPO to an HMO which was unable to cover a heart transplant. They started raising money by selling their belongings and lobbying from the church, but they still couldn’t raise any sufficient amount.
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The hospital decided to release Mike because they felt John could not pay the amount needed for the transplant. Denise decides to pressure John to do something about the whole issue. John decides to hold 11 people in the hospital, including the surgeon hostage until they put his Mike’s name on the list of recipients for a heart transplant. The 11 hostages began to sympathize with John once they heard his situation. John made sure they received treatment and even released some of them. The chief of police instructed his crew to insert a sniper in the building and shoot John. John got shot but only had minor injuries which the emergency room treated for him. John demanded that his son be transferred to the emergency room which the police agreed to. John then told the hostages that he was going to commit suicide to donate his heart to his son. He loaded his gun with one bullet and as he pulled the trigger, nothing happened because the gun was safety. As he tried to shoot himself the second time, his wife was told about a young lady that had died who had the same blood type with Mike. This was the same young lady from the beginning of the movie. His wife quickly told John before he was able to shoot himself. Mike was treated and John was arrested and found guilty of kidnapping.
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Philosophy Term Paper - Silver O Asuwata Dr John Hersey...

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