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Philosophy Final Paper

Philosophy Final Paper - Silver Asuwata Phil 220.010 Dr...

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Silver Asuwata Phil 220.010 Dr. John Hersey Spring 2011 Final Examination House Episode: Informed Consent The demand made by Dr. Ezra Powell that House and his team stop the barrage of tests and euthanize him is a very difficult situation to assess. Dr. Powell had an attack and collapsed in his lab. He was going through serious pains, and House with his other doctors could not come up with any reasonable cause for his problems, which was why he demanded that they should euthanize him. This particular situation will be classified as Mercy Death, which means “taking a direct notion to terminate a patient's life because the patient has requested it; in short, it is really an assisted suicide” (Jacques 212). Despite the complicated circumstances, I still believe that Dr. Powell does not have the right to ask for death from a fellow human being. Firstly, I am a christian and I believe in the biblical principle that life and death belong to God. The Bible says that God is the source of life and the source of his own life which makes him God. God is the giver of life, and life is not an accident of nature, God is the preserver, taker and no man dies unless God allows it (Reagan). Dr. Powell is violating this principle by demanding euthanasia. I also believe in the Bible excerpt that “Thou Shalt Not Kill” found in Exodus 10: 13. Except in cases of self-defense, war, and capital punishment which all prove the sanctity of life (Reagan), killing should not be considered in any other case. Due to this excerpt, I believe that the doctors do not have a moral obligation to comply with Dr. Powell's request. House would have been fully justified for putting Dr. Powell in a coma to continue testing if his only motive was to cure him. House displayed a selfish motive by wanting to be known as the person who found out what was wrong with Dr. Powell, so he is not fully justified for his actions even though I believe it was the right thing to do. I believe that Dr. Powell's past should not be used as reason to justify continued testing on his body. The right
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thing to do was to continue testing on his body, so his past on testing with the babies does not matter and does not change anything. I believe that there is a regular occurrence of this type of euthanasia but people do not talk about it because it is prohibited in all the 32 states of America and most countries of the world (Jacques 213). Also, there is not a major problematic divide between the law and the moral reality because, it is strongly prohibited, and according to biblical principles, it is wrong. But there are still a lot of people who perform this act secretly.
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Philosophy Final Paper - Silver Asuwata Phil 220.010 Dr...

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