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Marketing Project

Marketing Project - -1Customer Survey How did you come...

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-1 Customer Survey How did you come across Fuels? Ÿ From the media___________ Ÿ From a friend/relative______ What is your impression of Fuel’s billboards? (You can tick more than one option) Ÿ ___Funny Ÿ ___Informative Ÿ ___Enticing Ÿ ___Flat Ÿ ___Interesting If you were new to our station, would our billboards be able to convince you to buy gas from us? YES___ NO ___ On a scale of 1-5 where 1 is poor and 5 is exceptional, what would you suggest as the best strategy of advertising for fuels? _______Media (Newspapers, radio, television) _______Word of mouth _______Free sampling _______Internet ____________Other (Kindly suggest another method) What is your opinion concerning the price of our product? _______Cheap _______Affordable _______Expensive _______Very expensive Owner’s Interview Would you say that your business is profitable?
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