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Intro to Fashion Look Book project details

Intro to Fashion Look Book project details - Morgan State...

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Morgan State University Department of Family and Consumer Sciences “Look Book” Final Project: Create a “Look Book” with looks that define your style and taste. Think of 5 key adjectives that describe your style (ex: chic, exclusive, diverse, sophisticated, rock, punk, gothic, bohemian chic, etc.). For each adjective, find 5 examples for each one that supports that style. You can take pictures from magazines, the internet, newspapers, etc. Then find the one common theme that exists within all the fashions you chose that describes your overall style. You can choose any genre of fashion, meaning: shoes, cars, cosmetics, home furnishings, apparel items, technology, kitchen accessories, dishware, bathroom accessories, hairstyles, fragrances, jewelry, etc. Whatever moves you and defines your style. Explore what makes you the individual that you are! Compile a portfolio/”Look Book” of these pictures dividing them according to their specified adjective or word that describes that particular look. Example: for “Chic” you
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