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inss360 assignment - INSS 360 Software assignment by Silver...

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INSS 360 Software assignment by Silver Asuwata Use the internet to answer questions. Upload when complete to blackboard and print a copy to be handed in. Name your file Softwarelastname_firstinitial. Due October 2, 2009. Do RESEARCH and Answer the following questions. For each question, specify the web site(s) you cited to come up with your answer. 1. What is meant by open source software? This refers to software that must be distributed with source code included or easily available, such as free download from the internet. The license of this software will not restrict others from distributing the code or modifications and derived works under the same terms. “ Open source software” by Paul Kavanagh. 2. Ubuntu This refers to a free, easy-to-use, and extremely popular Linux distribution that is geared toward the desktop user. It is one of the hottest Linux distros in the marketplace today. It is also one of the few Linux distros with what could be described as a social agenda behind it. Also, it was started up by Mark Shuttleworth based on his belief in free software and in order to fix what he describes as “bug #1” which is Microsoft’s dominance of the desktop PC marketplace. “ Ubuntu for non-geeks” by Rickford Grant. 3. Windows Vista Windows Vista is the workstation that comes right before Windows 7 operating system and is designed for both home and business users. It is the first version of Windows in which the user experience scales to the hardware capabilities of the computer on which Windows vista is installed. Many of the most powerful features of Windows vista include the many enhancements reliability, security, usability and
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inss360 assignment - INSS 360 Software assignment by Silver...

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