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100assgn1 - profit by selling some magical CD or program...

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Matt Wharton CMN 100 - Waldron Application Assignment #1 1. How many results did Google return?   2,970,000 2. How many results did Academic Search Premier return?  33 3. How did the results change when you clicked “Academic Journals”?  After choosing  “Academic Journals” only, the results went down from 33 to 13. By filtering only “Academic  Journals”, it ensures the article has gone through extensive scholar review. 4.   Compare and contrast the results of your two searches . The Google search for “fear of public speaking” returned almost 3 million sites! This is  almost 100,000 times more results than Academic Search Premier yielded.  The Google search turned up mostly personal web-sites and people trying to make a 
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Unformatted text preview: profit by selling some magical CD or program promising the elimination of fear of public speaking. Academic Search Premier, however, came up with journals and articles on the study and treatment of fear of public speaking backed up by extensive research. It is hard to determine the credibility of the sites listed by Google, because most of them have something to gain from getting visitors to their site. Most of the sites listed on Google are not credible because anyone can make a web site. On the other hand, results listed on Academic Search Premier are credible because they are monitored and peer-reviewed for accuracy....
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