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as i lay dying essay[1]

as i lay dying essay[1] - Ayokanmi Fakeye English 102.014...

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Ayokanmi Fakeye English 102.014 Professor. Leiza Brown May 9, 2011 A Family Without Vision In every culture worldwide, the family holds a special importance. Family is very important. Family today can be a circle of friends or immediate blood line. It is having strong feelings in people. Family is a bond one has with some people. A bond that is meant to keep everyone together. Families are a set of people one runs to in time of need. Love makes a family but sometimes it is not the case. A family without a vision and no goal is a dysfunctional family. A dysfunctional family is one that fails to meet the basic needs of one or more of its members. These basic needs are survival, safety and security, love and development of skills for independent living. Families face hurdles after divorce or death. If family members are committed to allowing other family members to meet their personal needs, a family will function in a healthy manner. A dysfunctional family has one or more self-centered parents. When the parents are self- centered and self-serving, the children's needs come second. A dysfunctional family is one in which the relationships between the parents and the children are strained and unnatural. This is usually because one of the family members has a serious problem that impacts every other member of the family. The result of a dysfunctional family is misbehavior, unwanted pregnancy and jealousy. Misbehavior of parents because of insecurity promotes instability. Lack of emotion or mental stability leads to the children becoming wayward. A child’s
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misbehavior is the result of the parents’ behavior. According to Carolyn Slaughter “Addie’s essential disagreement with Anse turns on precisely this point of doing versus.” (17). Addie and Anse always disagreed. Addie lost the love she had for him. Children who always witness their parents disagree tend to misbehave. It is important to bring up a child in the way he or she should go and not reject him. Children need love, they need all the adequate care when they are growing up. It is bad for a child to always see their parents fighting. They tend to pick up being aggressive to their peers because it is what they have been taught. A man should respect his wife and not always disagree with his wife. According to Carolyn Slaughter “Anse Cordially loathes movement. Living in Addie’s terms is evil in his.” (17). A man should know how to handle his household. Anse is a very irresponsible man. All he wanted is to gain and not be controlled by anyone especially his wife Addie. Misbehavior because of non-chalance leads to disunity. When a family is united it brings joy within the household. Addie did not have any regard for her husband, she disrespected him and stopped loving him. According to Carolyn Slaughter “To submit to the husband, not to unequivocally his significance.” (17). Addie did not give Anse his respect. A woman should respect her husband and not disobey him. This days women do not want to submit to their husbands. They want to do whatever they wanted.
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