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African Diaspora Paper 3 - Silver O. Asuwata Hist 350 Dr....

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Silver O. Asuwata Hist 350 Dr. Burt The Pan-African Movement The Pan-African movement first started in 1900 by W.E.B Dubois in Washington, D.C. The pan African conference was in London, England. The reason the conference was held in London, was because the colonies were studying in Europe. Dubois believed they would make contact with students returning to country in leadership positions. The Pan African was a black intellectual movement. In 1900, Henry Sylvester Williams, a Trinidad barrister, organized in London the first meeting of Africans and Africans of the Diaspora under the banner of Pan-Africanism, a term that appeared in related correspondence, although the meeting officially came to be known as the London Conference. W.E.B Dubois was the primary leader, but didn’t get support from Africans like he expected. The agenda of conference in 1900 dictated all conferences it protested Europe colonialism in African and Amends. At the conference they talked about protested segregation, bringing equality and justice to all people and delegating U.S Diaspora, Africa and all attended. A Pan African movement was established, to secure equal rights, self-government, independence, and unity for African peoples. Delegates from African Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria discussed about how most African countries didn’t show interest, preoccupied with own internal affairs many euro nations saw conference as a subverting movement. That movement believed the conference challenging colonialism would destabilize society and create confusion. And it took nineteenth years for organizers to arrange another conference. So many delegates from 1 st conference were uncomfortable with the new challenges. In 1921, at the second African conference some sessions were held in Lesbian capital of Portugal, to get maximum attendance. Deplored the fact that the U.S sent segregated armies to fight war in Europe, French government asked U.S government to allow black soldiers to fight with French army but many remained in France in self-imposed exile.
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The conference reemphasized the need for Euro nations to bring about end to colonialism. Also in 1916, Marcus Garvey came in the United States from Jamaica. Mr. Garvey was a great admirer of Booker T. Washington. During 1916, Garvey was apart of the Harlem Resistance and established one of the largest black organization ever known as “Universal Organization of Black People”. When Booker T. Washington died in 1915, Garvey assumed he was a successor and not Dubois, because he believed paternalism-importance and leadership role of college education-elite, which should provide leadership. With the talented ten, European copied practices that not more than 101 could benefit from University Education. The reason the Europeans, believed it would was because it created a rift in society between educated and non-educated. Later, Marcus Garvey started the universal Negro improvement association. Garvey believed blacks in Diaspora had an equal right for African living in
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African Diaspora Paper 3 - Silver O. Asuwata Hist 350 Dr....

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