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African Diaspora Paper2

African Diaspora Paper2 - Osarume Asuwata African Diaspora...

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Osarume Asuwata African Diaspora Paper Dr. Arthur Burt Critical Analysis of The Origin of Negro-Slavery Christopher Columbus was financed by the King and Queen of Spain. In 1492, he discovered the New World. In 1494, Spain and Portugal drew up a treaty called the Treaty of Tordesillas to divide the Americans. This was after a partition whereby the East went to Portugal and the West went to Spain failed to satisfy Portuguese aspirations. By the Treaty, Portugal was to occupy Brazil and to have the rights to trade in slaves in Africa. A trinity was formed between England, France, and Holland to challenge Spain and Portugal called the Iberian Peninsula. A series of wars took place and by the mid- 17 th century, Americas war divided into Spanish, Portugal, British and Dutch enclaves. That was when the Atlantic Slave trade began in earnest. The Slave Trade was linked to the plantation system which was seen as both revolutionary and contradictory. It was seen as revolutionary because the Europeans who sought to establish plantation in America had never seen a plantation. It was contradictory because
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