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Total Access Articles of Incorporation (Version 2)

Total Access Articles of Incorporation (Version 2) - TOTAL...

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TOTAL ACCESS HOME HEALTH, INC. ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION The undersigned, OLUSOJI ISHOLA AND IDIAT SANNI, both of 9330 Tulsemere Road, Randallstown, Maryland 21133, natural persons and the incorporators of TOTAL ACCESS HOME HEALTH CARE, INC, do hereby amend the Articles of incorporation of TOTAL ACCESS HOME HEALTH CARE, INC. as set out in these Articles hereunder written and do cause these Articles set forth below to be filed accordingly. We hereby adopt the following Articles as the Articles of Incorporation of Total Access Home Health Care, Inc. ARTICLE I. NAME OF COMPANY: The name of the company is TOTAL ACCESS HOME HEALTH CARE, INC. (hereinafter referred to as “THE CORPORATION”) ARTICLE II: OBJECTIVES I.) The objectives of the company are 1.) To carry on the business of Service Providers for individuals diagnosed with developmental and mental disabilities including but not limited to individuals dually diagnosed with mental retardation and mental illness, individual diagnosed with mental illness and depression, individuals diagnosed with other disabilities like obesity, traumatic brain injuries, cerebral dysfunctions and other disabilities to independent living. 2.) To provide services to mentally disabled individuals and senior citizens inform of residential, in-home care, transportation, Day rehabilitation and education. 3.) To carry on business involving every aspect of Tag and Title services to vehicle owners. 4.) To carry on business as social workers in all fields of social works. 5.) To carry on the business of civil, electrical, mechanical and all engineering contractors and suppliers. 6.) To carry on the business of investment advisers, investment consultants. 7.) To carry on the business of transportation, communications, hoteliers, hotel management consultants and managers. 8.) To carry on any lawful business permitted by law within and without/outside the State of Maryland. 9.) To engage in any lawful activity, business or undertaking within or without the State of Maryland. 10.) To carry on the business of telecommunications, Communications, Network servers, building and operating fiber optics telecommunication infrastructure, transportation, provide integrated telecommunications solutions over global IP-based fiber-optic networks and satellite network, providing a full range of managed data and voice products and services and provide integrated telecommunications solutions and network outsourcing to global enterprises, provide global broadband Information technology, Internet, data, voice and image communications worldwide. 11.) To carry on the business of setting up and operating plant and ancillary facilities for the production and sale of pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, Body Cream and Soap, Agriculture, Livestock, and poultry.
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12.) To sponsor, build educational establishments including Universities, and libraries.
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