Fashion Show Analysis

Fashion Show Analysis - Improvd Spring 2012 presentation...

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Improvd Spring 2012 presentation during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at The Box at Lincoln Center in New York City. Theme of the show: The theme of the show was Tropical Wear for Women. Major Silhouettes shown: A Parrot's eye blinking in the dark background before and after the models came on the stage. Distinctive Sources of Inspiration for the designs: The inspiration for the Spring 2012 line was parrots and I could see that in the hair and make-up of the girls. Any characteristic motifs used: Basket weave and textured vests in Taupe and the darker textured bolero. Key colors featured: Red, Black, Grey, a mixture of Blue+Green+White, Purple. Key Fabrics Used: Reptilian, scale-like details on the neckline of the airy dresses, Leather and Silk. Description of Accessories used in the show: There was a jungle like background music with shades of a very large parrot blinking its eyes. These accessories played a subordinate role in achieving the total fashion look because, the models were trying to evoke goth, but you can't link tropical/jungle like music with anything Gothic. Something more
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Fashion Show Analysis - Improvd Spring 2012 presentation...

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