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black sox Museum project

black sox Museum project - Ayokanmi Fakeye Alex Mikkel...

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Ayokanmi Fakeye, Alex, Mikkel History 106 Dr. Linda Noel May 12, 2011 Museum Project The Baltimore Black Sox has always been an independent team. Around 1930 or there about when the Great Depression started, the players were without contracts and were forced to play on game percentages. The Baltimore Sox have always been a strong team. The Black Sox was a form of entertainment for the black community back in the days. The Baltimore Black Sox marked one of the first teams to use the Yankee stadium by African American teams. The depression complicated African- American baseball. The Baltimore Elite Giants represented the state of Maryland when they transferred from Nashville, Tennessee, in 1938. the Elite Giants were a very competitive team that believed strongly in rigorous spring training. They consistently finished in second and third place. Some good players came out from these pro leagues. So is the case of Jackie Robinson.
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