Exam 1 - Chapter 1 Defining Adolescents I Who are...

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Chapter 1: Defining Adolescents I. Who are adolescents? Adolescence : a period in life that begins with biological maturation, during which individuals are expected to accomplish certain developmental tasks, and that ends when they achieve a self-sufficient state of adulthood as defined by society Individualistic cultures o Define themselves in terms of their personal goals and accomplishments Collectivistic cultures o Tend more to gain a sense of themselves thought their roles and statuses Biological – secondary sex characteristics develop (breasts, facial hair) Psychological – develop a stable identity, to achieve a sense of self o Puberty, cognitive maturation and changing social expectations Developmental tasks : age-related norms that reflect social expectations for normal development Sociological – individual are their status within a society (neither completely self- sufficient or dependent) o Compulsory Education Laws Children ages 5-18 Ensure basic skills among future workers Protected the jobs of adults in the workforce o Child Labor Laws Minimum ages for different types of work Types of work Length of work o System of Juvenile Justice Laws Free the courts from punishing children as adults Suspended the right to due process and the presumption of innocence II. Perspectives Constructive Perspective o Assumes we actively construct what we know of the world, interpreting our experiences, and composing or making sense of the events to which we react Contextual Perspective o Looks at the ways in which development is influence by daily settings of adolescents lives Where they spend their time and who they spend it with o Environmental development influences Microsystem – immediate social context, at home or classroom Mesosystem – social contexts with several Microsystems, parents meet teachers Exosystems – outside influences, parents work schedule
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Macrosystem – underlying social and political climate Chronosystem – particular circumstances existing at any point in
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Exam 1 - Chapter 1 Defining Adolescents I Who are...

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