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Megan Bartlett February 6, 2012 PSY 333 (Harris) Extra Credit Option 2 Girls Rule Reaction When I began reading this article, I was immediately relating with what was being said about girl having a greater academic success rate than boys. This was definitely something that was relevant to my high school. Although the article did not really offer an explanation for this idea, I feel like there are contributing factors. The first thing I remember about the difference between the boys and girls of my high school was the maturity levels. It’s not fair to say that all boys were immature, however the majority seemed to be further behind on this path than the girls. Maybe girls are “forced” to mature faster because of their physical developments than boys. I know in my high school, girls were always hanging out with guys and girls that were older than their grade. Another part of the article that resonated with me was the idea that boys seem to worry
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Unformatted text preview: less about authority. It was funny that the girl in the article talked about boys carrying Burger King bags openly while the girls would hide their mischievous acts. This was something that definitely took place in my high school. For example, although both girls and boys skipped class, sneaked off campus etc… the boys seem to stand out as the bad guys. Maybe it is the stereotype that makes boys bad behavior seems predictable and wrong over girls. When girls in my school would get in trouble, their excuses were usually believed and unquestioned, where the boys would immediately be punished for their wrong behavior. I think that this article brings to life the idea that the whole role dominance in education is changing. Although boys in the past may have been better students across the board, I think that is only because the expected gender roles have meshed together and are less defined now....
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