propaganda and persuasion examples

propaganda and persuasion examples - show a view regarding...

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Megan Bartlett COM 431 Section A Persuasion        The picture above is an example of a Clorox advertisement that uses  persuasion   techniques.   Since   this   picture   is   intending   to   change/   reinforce  laundry detergent users to use the Clorox products without forcing the decision,  persuasion is the desired goal of this advertisement. Also, because the ad shows  an alternative decision, it makes the “better choice” or more desired outcome  easily recognizable. I feel that there is an effective use of persuasion and if I was  not already using Clorox products, I would be encouraged to switch after viewing  this ad.  Propaganda The picture above is an example of how propaganda is being used to 
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Unformatted text preview: show a view regarding the War on Terror. This cartoon sketch is visible to mass audiences, and is attempting to achieve the goal of persuading people to believe Megan Bartlett COM 431 Section A that the war is merely fueling the fire, and a bad decision . It is also uses emotional appeal by putting the words within the sketch, since many people have such strong feelings about the word war. References (2011). Clorox Bleach- Which is Whiter? [Snapshot]. Retrieved from Myers, John Jay (Author). (2011). War for Terror [Photograph]. Retrieved from
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propaganda and persuasion examples - show a view regarding...

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