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COM 431- Example Theory of Reasoned Action The example we chose to share with the class involves taking safety measures. During the video, parents perform multiple behaviors demonstrating child safety. The last mother to perform an act of safety, straps her daughter into the car-seat and double check to make sure that her daughter is secured tightly. Once she is on the road, she receives a text and proceeds to read the text. Her attention is diverted to the text message, and she loses attention of road safety. A car t-bones her car and the scene cuts. BMW then posts a reminder to “Stay focused on safety”, and “Don’t text and drive”. This example relates to the Theory of Reasoned Action. It demonstrates normative beliefs and belief evaluation for child safety. We see this during the beginning of the
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Unformatted text preview: video while the parents are engaging in preventative measure to keep their child safe. The subjective norm to keep a child safety as a top priority is suggested throughout the clip since multiple parents are engaging in safety measure. The final mother, who was involved in the accident, had not yet developed an attitude about the behavior of texting and driving. Her intentions were to keep her daughter safe by taking precaution. With this public service announcement, BMW is encouraging people to change their potentially harmful behavior through this clip. Citation: (2011). BMW Overprotective: Dont Text and Drive. (2011). [Web Video]. Retrieved from
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