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Group Journal 1 - German dancing visits Germany and speaks...

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Megan Bartlett September 21, 2011 Group Meeting One Date: 9/16/11 When first meeting with the group, it took a question or two before we really started feeling comfortable opening up and sharing such personal information with some people we may not know very well. The next thing I noticed about that group was that none of us really think about, let alone talk about, our family heritage and relatives. Jana was the one group member who I felt very similar to. Both Jana and I were born and raised in a large Midwest city. Her great-great grandfather came to America during the civil war from Haiti, and my great grandfather came to America through Ellis Island during World War II. Although she is still in contact with both sides of her family, we both seem to be closer with our mothers’ side of the family. Her mother comes from a very rich Hungarian heritage, and they live in Hungarian village in Cleveland. They eat Hungarian foods and practice their traditions, similar to how my mom’s family practices
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Unformatted text preview: German dancing, visits Germany and speaks German. Although I was able to find similarities with everyone in the group, the person who had the most differences with was Steph Pola. She was born and raised on the east coast. And although that may not seem like a big different, I have found that the way people interact with others and the way they use nonverbal communication tends to be different than people raised in the Midwest. Steph is also half Thai, and her mom was raised in Thailand before moving to live with a foster family and attend school in the US. Another thing that makes us different, is that her life before college was dedicated to sports and going to college for sports before she tore her ACL. Although I was involved in sports, my main goal when looking at colleges was to find a school with a major that fit my strengths....
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Group Journal 1 - German dancing visits Germany and speaks...

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