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After hearing what my group members had to say about the questions being asked, I think that the person I am most similar to is Jana. I think that we have both always felt “normal”, with no outstanding talent to make us stand out. She described to us when she played sports that even though she made the team, she was never the best player and felt like an “outsider” on the team. Although I played varsity volleyball in high school, I was never the athlete type. I liked my social life, and volleyball was not as important to me that my friends. This is another point how I am similar with Jana. We both had a very strong group of high school friends and were able to feel very comfortable when in that group. Finally, Jana and I were both on the same summer study abroad program, and after the trip we both wished that we would have decided to study
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Unformatted text preview: abroad for an entire semester instead of just a few weeks in the summer. The person I am most different from in regards to these questions would be Alexandria. She explained to us that she feels like an “outsider” when she is around people who are wealthy and who have nice things. I also began to feel uncomfortable with her response because my dad is very successful and raised us in an affluent community. Although this was something that I can not change about my background, this is something that I felt that she would look down on me if she knew where I am from or how I was raised in a wealthy community. She also is different because she has a very strong religious connection. Although I was raised as a Catholic who attended church on Sundays, my faith is not a central part of my life now....
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