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journal entry 6 - Megan Bartlett December 6 2011 COM 436...

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Megan Bartlett December 6, 2011 COM 436- Semlak Journal Entry 6- Wrapping it all up This semester has really pushed me to start paying attention to things that are usually part of our daily routines of life and are often overlooked. By overlooked I do not mean forgotten, but the little that things are often not discussed were open for discussion. One of the main things that I was able to learn throughout this semester in class and more importantly with my group, were understanding my sense of self. I know that I will still learn about myself as I have learned something new everyday and through my experiences already. Beyond learning about myself, I have learned about myself in relation to those around me. I used to think of myself as someone who lacked a sense of diversity. However, our book defines diversity as “ the quality of being different” (Martin & Nakayama, 9), and I have learn to understand the further meaning of this definition. Now when thinking of myself in relation to the term diversity I can respond with “it depend”. I am diverse from everyone and everything. Some situations the term diversity is referred to more lighting, for example me and my best friend who are both Irish, Catholic, Caucasian, have red hair etc. are diverse in a much more casual way that I am diverse from an African male that lives in a tribe in Africa. When looking over my group assignments I really felt that diversity was the most overarching theme of my reflection journals. Another term that I mentioned in more than
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This note was uploaded on 02/22/2012 for the course COM 436 taught by Professor Semlak during the Fall '11 term at Miami University.

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journal entry 6 - Megan Bartlett December 6 2011 COM 436...

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