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speaker assignment 1 - Megan Bartlett Speaker Assignment...

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Megan Bartlett Speaker Assignment Reflection #1 October 6, 2011 Event: Latin American and Caribbean UniDiversity Festival On Friday, September 16 in Oxford Uptown Park, I attended the UniDiversity Festival, which was a “collaborative effort to promote diversity and inclusion in our community”. Upon arriving at the event, I stopped at multiple tables for organizations involved in the events and collect brochures. There was a stage where speakers were introducing different program acts. The acts I was able to see while at the festival included the Afro-Brazilian martial arts and music and the Peruvian dance troupe. In addition to the animal petting area, I also was able to experience some authentic Mexican cuisine. After waiting in the long line wrapping around the roped off park, I finally was able to order two steak burritos and a caramel filled churro. When I got to the front of the line to order, I began talking to the main working the register. I asked him if this was his first year at the festival and he told me about how this was his third year and he always volunteers to be the one to come back to help at the festival. He was so enthusiastic about the event, that it made me more excited to see the next performance on stage. I brought
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speaker assignment 1 - Megan Bartlett Speaker Assignment...

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