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Writing assignment 1 - Megan Bartlett September 1, 2011 COM...

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Megan Bartlett September 1, 2011 COM 436 Writing Assignment #1 Intercultural Experience In the past when traveling out of the country, I have chosen to stick with Americanized activities, eat recognizable cuisine at restaurants and cling to Americans that are working or living in that country. However, my last experience traveling out of the country I was a little more culturally outgoing. Last March, I traveled with five friends to Montego Bay, Jamaica for spring break. After spending a couple of days at our all inclusive resort, that was filled with mostly white American or Canadian guests, we decided that it would be a good experience to leave the hotel grounds and go to a local spot. At first we went to the concierge and thought about asking for help setting up an excursion or some sort. We quickly realized that this wasn’t going to give us a true feeling of the Jamaican culture and instead we went in to the town and asked the locals for suggestions. We met a man who happened to be a taxi driver and told us he would take us to a neighboring city called Negril for the day. Although Negril has some areas and beaches that do have a lot of tourists, we asked to drive the back roads to see the country and to go to a quiet beach away from other tourists. During my initial reaction to
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Writing assignment 1 - Megan Bartlett September 1, 2011 COM...

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