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health care - Ted Palmer Democratic Party A major problem...

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Ted Palmer 2/13/12 Democratic Party A major problem facing the people of the United States today is the availability of affordable, quality health care. With private prescription drug companies and insurance companies only thinking about making the largest profits possible and ignoring the well-being of the general public, as a result half of all bankruptcies relate to medical expenses. Affordable health care should be a right, not a privilege. It should be guaranteed for anyone who needs it. When looking at the health care business in our country, the main issue is cost and affordability. A solution to this problem would be to establish a system that lowers costs, eliminates exemptions, and improves the quality of care. In some states today, such as Massachusetts, families are in a sense mandated to buy health insurance they can’t afford. If they do not purchase insurance, they are fined as a result. To eliminate a corruption filled state system such as this one, people need to be provided with subsidies so they are able to purchase the health care they need. In addition, Medicare costs,
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