immigration - Ted Palmer Republican Party A major issue...

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Ted Palmer 2/19/12 Republican Party A major issue facing our nation in the market place, in the education system, as well as for national security along our borders is immigration. The issue of illegal immigration not only creates a problem in the workplace, but also weakens the integrity of our country’s ability to monitor who is coming in and out of our country. Ultimately, the U.S. immigration system needs to be reformed on a number of levels to ensure that our country is secure for those who have entered it legally. The most critical issue with immigration that needs to be reform is strengthening the security that is patrolling our borders. Ensuring the integrity of our borders is vital to ensuring the safety of our citizens. We must strengthen our border patrol to stop illegal crossings by equipping them with the tools, technologies, and force necessary to secure the border. One technology that could sufficiently strengthen our ability to control border crossings is a visit system that tracks the entry and exit of foreign travelers. This way, the identity of all visitors who enter the U.S. is known as well as when they leave.
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immigration - Ted Palmer Republican Party A major issue...

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