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Ted Palmer Agency: The Samaritan Center Volunteer time: 2/13/12 9 am – 12 pm Journal Entry #1 While volunteering at the Samaritan Center, my duty was to prepare the hot meals that were to be served to those less fortunate later in the day during dinner. Based on the time I spent at the agency, they function in an organized manner. There are two supervisors in the kitchen and a number of volunteers that work along-side each other. The supervisors distribute and explain the duties to the supervisors, who then carry them out. The clients being served are the impoverished members of the Syracuse community. Each person lines up outside and is filed into the dining center where they are served hot meals by everyone working for the organization. My initial and later reactions to both the agency and clients remained unchanged throughout my experience.
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Unformatted text preview: Everyone working for the agency seemed enthusiastic about serving the community and looked like they enjoyed their job. The clients being served seemed to be appreciative and thankful for the services being provided by the agency. The main societal problem that the Samaritan Center serves to correct is poverty. Everyone that the organization caters to are disadvantaged members of the Syracuse community that are in need of basic necessities such as food and clothing. The agency works to provide these necessities. Through observation, it’s clear that the Samaritan Center effectively uses its volunteers. Each volunteer is given a specific task by the supervisor and carries it out effectively. Overall, the Samaritan Center is an efficiently run organization that makes a difference in the community....
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