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Module 1 Newsletter

Module 1 Newsletter - Syracuse University Public Affairs...

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Syracuse University Public Affairs Department PAF 101 Newsletter Issue 1 Module 1 is due February 3 rd ! General Suggestions: · Instructions on formatting the module are available on the PAF 101 website by clicking on the Modules link. · Make sure to cite everything unless you are specifically told not to. IF IN DOUBT, JUST CITE IT! · DO NOT include the TPE in your final Module 1 paper. · Answers should not be in bold. Points will not be taken off, but it is much easier for the TAs to understand and grade. · Articles must be from a newspaper source, either the print or online edition. · TV news channel websites are not newspapers! Ex. CNN.com. · If your quote from a newspaper article comes from an actual newspaper, cite it using the page you found it on (A-1, B-2, etc.). If you found it online, the page number for your quote citation is the page number on the article printout (1, 2, 3, etc.) · Newspaper articles must have been published within the last 6 months. · The Daily Orange does NOT count as a newspaper. · Use at least 1 article for the entire module, but no more than 7 .
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